Update your details

Under UNISON Rules [Rule C.6.3] Members are required to notify UNISON of a change of name and address.

It is also advisable to notify UNISON of any other significant change, for example, your employer, your job, your email address or your salary as this may affect your subscription banding, your entitlement to representation when you need it or your eligibility for Membership.

If we can contact you easily, we can support you better when you need us the most.

The easiest way to update your details is via:


Members will need their UNISON Membership Number to register with My UNISON. You can find this in the welcome pack you received when you joined UNISON, on your membership card or at the bottom of any emails received from UNISON.

You can phone the office on  01253 478492 or email us at  branch.office@blackpoolunison.co.uk and we will provide it.



Contact Your Branch

If you would prefer to talk to someone over the phone, please contact us and we can update your details together.

Call 01253 478492 or email branch.office@blackpoolunison.co.uk