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Membership via Direct Debit

The simplest method of maintaining your membership of UNISON is to pay direct from your salary/wages. This is also known as DOCAS payment. It's easier for you as the correct subscription band is calculated for you and any changes in your salary are reflected automatically. But not all employers are able to offer this method of paying your membership and some members don’t want to pay directly from their salary/wages. If you work for an employer who cannot do this, or you don’t want to, then your will need to pay by Direct Debit.

"I need/want to pay via Direct Debit. What do I need to do?"

You will need to complete the Direct Debit form and return it to us, or signup online. However, it is your responsibility to ensure you are paying the correct subscription level and ensure payments continue. If your payments are incorrect you will not be entitled to full membership benefits such as legal support for both employment-related and non-employment related issues.

N.B If your bank fails to make a membership payment, UNISON will not attempt to take payment again. This is to prevent hardship for our members through bank charges.

"Does paying via Direct Debit let my employer know I'm in a Union?"

Although your employer will know you’re in a Trade Union if you pay your membership through your wages/salary, they do not have this information if you pay via Direct Debit and will only become aware if you inform them, if consultation involving you as a member takes place and your require our support in meetings or you require our support in other meetings with your employer. We will not inform your employer unless absolutely necessary.

Paying via your salary/wages shows the employer how many staff are members or a Trade Union; the more we have the less likely the employer will make changes without full and meaningful consultation and negotiation. Direct Debit does not offer this advantage.

N.B. You cannot be discriminated against for Trade Union membership - this is a protected right in law and your employer must permit UNISON to support you in statutory meetings (e.g. disciplinary and grievance hearings) and those permitted by recognition agreements.

"Ok, I'm in. What do I need to do?"

We will need your signature on a membership form for us to be able to collect your membership directly from your bank or building society. You can either contact us or your workplace steward/rep for a Direct Debit membership form or download one here. Please return it directly to the branch for us to process. If you work for Blackpool Council or Blackpool Coastal Housing, you can pop it in the internal post:

UNISON Blackpool LG Branch
Coastal House
17 -19 Abingdon Street

Or you can scan the completed from to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You can also sign-up online (Direct Debit only).