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Dear Member,

As you are aware, the Council has issued letters to consult you individually to vary your terms and conditions of employment. You should also know that UNISON has advised members not to sign any variation.

Our recent indicative ballot showed a vote of 92% in favour of taking some form of industrial action to retain it. Signing the variation will undermine any attempt to retain the Essentia Car User allowance because those who sign up cannot take part in the formal ballot for industrial action.

As trade union members, our only strength is in acting together as one collective unit. Accepting the employer's offer will divide us.


Council Bad Faith:

On the 28th of March, I sent the ballot results to Neil Jack (CEO) and Linda Dutton (HR). We requested a formal response on several occasions but did not receive one until the 14th of May.

While waiting for a response, we had asked the Council to arrange a formal meeting as the final attempt to resolve the issue – the ‘Council and Staff Consultative Committee’. This meeting has been arranged for the 12th of June.

The reply we receivd on 14th of May states that the consultation with the trade unions is over. This was despite organising the above meeting.
As you will note from your letter the deadline for responses to the individual consultation is the 8th of June. This is another clear example of the Council’s bad faith.

It is our view that the Council have not wanted to resolve this issue so we are faced with our only option which is to take industrial action.

Do Not Sign Away Your T&Cs! Take Industrial Action To Defend Them!

This attempt to circumvent the negotiating process by approaching you individually is an attempt to divide the workforce. Every signature to accept the disgraceful offer weakens our position and our ability to collectively oppose it. You would also not be able to take part in industrial action.

For that reason we urge you not sign the variation and to vote ‘YES’ in the forthcoming ballot for industrial action.

Any industrial action is likely to involve members not using their vehicle for Council business. To be clear, it would be the Council's responsibility to arrange for you to travel from A to B. It is their responsibility to pay for transport up front, not to expect staff to pay out of their own pocket.

If members wish to arrange urgent meetings to discuss this, please contact the branch on 478492, 476292, 476288 or via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Dave Dickinson

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